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My name is Mike Silversides. I've been a webmaster (part-time) since 1999. For the last couple of years I've been running a virtual private server where I now look after eight web sites. This year (2007) I thought I'd start sharing my experiences and tips.

Back in 1999 we had one web site Creative Kids at Home. My wife started a home based business to sell craft kits to kids via subscriptions that parents, grandparents and others would buy. My wife took care of marketing, sales and production. With my background as a computer programmer I looked after the web site. In 2005 the cost of getting product insurance skyrocketted. We had added AdSense in 2004, and by then it was beginning to earn as much as the craft kits so we made the decision to focus solely on developing a web site that had gift ideas and activities for kids.

This past year has seen a decline in per click revenue from AdSense, but traffic to our website has grown to just about offset that decline. This has also prompted us to start other websites such as Science Kids at Home.

On Webmaster Mike you should find lots of tips and recommendations. I'll be covering all the things you need to do to be your own webmaster. Everything from getting the usual done, like picking a web host, or backing up your files, to how to market your site once you've got it running.

Note: as of 2016 all new content is at www.mikesilversides.com

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