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Bughunt game demo

I've been learning Unity game programming the last few months by watching tutorials and working through the book: Unity 3 Blueprints - A Practical Guide to Indie Games Development.

I recently began experimenting with Node.js and decided to connect a Unity game to a Node.js server. The basic idea was that there would be a game server and a Unity game that would play in Unity's web player. The game could record high scores as a start towards the kinds of functionality that a game server might need.

Bug Hunt

Bughunt bug 1

Time to squish some bugs.

Bugs have invaded planet P. Your mission is to gain air superiority for our ground forces by sweeping the sky clean of these alien invaders.

Note: I'm hosting this on Amazon Web Services for free. If that becomes a problem I'll have to take it down. It may also be down while I'm working on it.

Note 2016: the Unity files are still available so you can play the game, but the game server is down so you can't save a high score.

Note 2018: the Unity Web Player was deprecated, and not doesn't work in Chrome so I'm taking down the game files.


The site is hosted on Amazon Amazon Web Services. Web pages served by Node.js using Express. MongoDB was used to persist the high score data. Bughunt server source is saved at GitHub. Audio was prepared in Audacity prior to importing to Unity.

The actual game was developed using Unity and deployed for their web player.


Bug Hunt was based on the Ace Invaders project from the Unity 3 Blueprints book by Craig Stevenson and Simon Quig. It was modified to capture high scores; improve game play with an intro and game over phase and other fixes; plus add a sound track and sound effects.

I used the tutorial on the blog of Kostas Mavropalias to get started with Amazon Web Services and node. This page on the the How To Node site got me started with Express and MongoDB.

The sound track is The Razor's Edge by AC/DC. Other sound effects from Freesound.org.

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