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Successfull Restore After Hard Disk Crash

Yesterday we started having problems with our VPS. It started out simply enough, it just looked as if the MySQL server process had failed. But by early this morning our VPS provider was saying the hard disk had failed and they were moving us to a new server.

But the real problem started when they said our VPS backups were also corrupt.

Fortunately, I had September 2nd Plesk backups of most of the websites on our VPS. However, it took many hours to restore them this way. You have to define the domain in Plesk, then upload the backup, then retore it.

Our main website has a 225mb backup file, which Plesk couldn't upload (it timed out twice after wasting nearly an hour each time). But since I was able to restore other domains successfully I then manually FTPd the file to the VPS, copied it into the proper subdirectory /var/lib/psa/dumps/1/1 and used chown, chgrp, and chmod to fix up the directory and file ownerships (which should be psaadm).

Unfortunately, our VPS provider (RackForce.com) assigned us new IP addresses this morning. I immediately reset the host domains for our nameservers at our domain registrar (GoDaddy), but our websites are only partially functional as of 5pm today. I cannot get our main website to load due to the DNS change not propagating yet, though other websites we have have already propagated. However, I can see traffic in our main website's access log, and more importantly, Goggle AdSense is reporting traffic and earnings, so other people can get to our main website.

What's really annoying is having lost all the little changes and scripts that I had built up over the last year. Some I've got copies of, and some configuration changes I made notes about, so I can do them again. Some things like my iptables firewall aren't the most recent, but at least it's something. But I'm sure I've lost a few things

I have a feeling I'll be days sorting things out.

And my next step, assuming the server stabalizes, it to take another backup. I'm going to try the command line version of the Plesk backup. I looked at this before, and I couldn't get it to work. But perhaps on the new server (and Plesk 8.2 which is newer for me), then it will work. It's supposed to backup all the Plesk server settings and all user data and would make restores like this much easier.

Backups are a pain, but I'm sure glad I had a current one. I'm also counting myself lucky that this didn't happen during my month long vacation, when I think I only made one offsite backup. You can never have too many backups. And don't rely on just one backup method.

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