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September Network Traffic

Now that the new VPS has stabilized I wanted to see what my network and CPU stats are like. I lost my old scripts when the old hard disk failed. I'll post something about my new and improved backup process soon. However, because I blogged about them, and I was backing up my Movable Type database, so I had copies of my Perl scripts.

The CPU stats were as expected. Mostly 100% idle for normal traffic. I didn't even bother to graph them. This was expected as my new VPS plan has increased CPU and RAM over the old plan.

Here's the network stats, it shows traffic by hour for September 20 and 21.
Network traffic September 21 2007

First of all, the new VPS plan I'm on has a 10Mbps connection, instead of 1.5. I was please to verify that yes the new server has a fatter pipe. The two spikes were me downloading some backup files last night and this morning. They clearly show the VPS exceeding 187000 bytes/sec, my old bandwidth limit. In fact, I've noticed that my cable ISP connection appears to be a limiting factor in downloading backup files. Last night I only averaged 88KB/s, though this morning the downloads were closer to 300KB/s (based on what FileZilla was reporting during the download).

It shows that I didn't really need to upgrade VPS plans. But RackForce doesn't offer their DDS100 plan anymore. The DDS200 plan is probably more than I need, but it will give us room to grow. Also, we normally have a big spike in traffic in the fall leading up to Christmas, so it's nice to know that will not be a problem this year. We also used to schedule our newsletters to come out during off hours so that traffic from our readers would be more spread out. That's not a concern anymore.

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