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Plesk 8.1.1 Upgrade

I upgraded to Plesk 8.1.1 awhile back. I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. But the actual upgrade was quick, unfortunately it wasn't painless.

I host with RackForce.com, and when I asked a few questions about doing it myself they offered to do it for me. Of course I am paying for their premium support package and upgrades are included. The actual upgrade was very fast. I think our web sites may have been down for a few minutes when the server was rebooted at one point, but otherwise there was no interuption in service.

I then checked out our websites and signed on to MovableType and the Plesk control panel. Everything looked good at first glance.

It took a week or two for me to notice that some things broke.

The first thing I ran into was that the Web Stats link in the control panel "broke". But only for Internet Explorer. Works fine in FireFox. I reported it to RackForce and the reply was that they had noticed this behavior and expected a future release of Plesk would resolve the problem. Since I use both IE and FireFox regularly, it's no problem for me to use FireFox for my web stats.

One of the new features in Plesk that I had known about was the ability to control DSN recursion. So soon after I changed the DSN recursion settings to Localnets. Unfortunately this then caused the RackForce monitoring service to report a possible problem, whatever that means. However, www.dsnreports.com indicates DSN recursion is not allowed and all other aspects of my DSN seem to be ok. I checked with RackForce and their monitor does a recursive query, they turned that part off so things look good again..

I noticed that phpMyAdmin appears to have lost all my saved bookmarks. I had a few saved that I used to query comment and trackback spam entries in my MT database. The main ones I use the most often were easy to recreate, but it's annoying to have lost the others. I did find some reference to where bookmarks might be saved, but decided it wasn't worth the effort to try and restore them.

Finally, an ongoing problem has surfaced related to syslog and logrotate. Normally syslog write logs messages to /var/log/messages and logrotate copies that on a weekly basis to messages.1 after having saved messages.1 as messages.2, and so on up to messages.4. But now after a logrotate, syslog starts writing to messages.1, and if I let it go, it starts writing to messages.2 after the next rotation. I noticed this when my daily summary of /var/log/messages started producing empty reports. Restarting syslog seems to fix the problem, but it comes back after then next logrotate. I had a quick look at the config files and didn't see anything. RackForce had a look and have called in SwSoft to investigate.

All and all there's no question of rolling back. My websites are running fine, these are just minor issues. In fact, this release of Plesk enables use of AWSTATS and I've turned that on for one of my domains to check it out and see if it's worth switching. So far it looks interesting.

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