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VMSTAT part 3

I just re-ran my CPU monitoring for a typical weekday. Not much different from last time. But I thought I'd include how I'm generating these charts.

I start off by exporting a day's worth of data.

FROM `vm_stat` 
WHERE date( dt ) = '2007-03-27' 

Then I export that in phpMyAdmin to a CSV for MS Excel file taking care to include the field names in the first row.

Next I start OpenOffice Calc and load the data. I select the date/time cells and Format them adding a HH custom format to just display the hour.

I then select just the Date and CPU_ID columns by clicking on their column headers. Then I Insert Chart. I select First Row and First Column as labels, then select a Line chart. I then set the chart title and create the chart. The result is something like:


But I usually have to resize the chart until the X axis scale shows a full set of hours of the day.

I then do a Copy and Paste into the OpenOffice Draw application, being careful to select the whole chart and not some portion of it. From Draw you Export the file. It may help to resize the image in Draw, usually about one half page width results in an image 400 pixels wide. Your results will probably vary, try it and resize in Draw if needed and export again.

I noticed there were two CPU spikes. The 1am spike is from the Plesk backups of the various domains on our server. The 4am spike is the Apache web logs being rotated. Overall the server remains lightly loaded.

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