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March 9, 2007

Text formatting MT Plugins

I just installed a set of MT plugins which I hope will make it easier to post entries in general, and code samples in particular.

The plugins are MT-Textile, SmartyPants and MTCodeBeautifier.

Respectively they should let me format my entries, use proper quote characters, and format code samples.

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March 12, 2007

AdSense and JavaScript

Did you know that AdSense ads don't display if JavaScript is displayed in a user's browser? It's true, try it and see. About 10% of web users don't have JavaScript or have turned it off. If you just rely on AdSense your missing out on some advertising revenue. Here's what to do.

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March 13, 2007

Contact Form in PHP

I thought putting up a Contact Me type of page would be easy. After many hours I've learned a little PHP, a little HTML, and have something that appears to work.

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Monitoring CPU usage with VMSTAT

I thought I'd do a little CPU monitoring to determine if our VPS is still meeting our needs. As with most things it was more complicated than I thought.

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March 16, 2007

VMSTAT part 2

I revised my perl program to capture the output of vmstat. Now VMSTAT is left running and the output is captured by my perl program and saved in MySQL.

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March 29, 2007

VMSTAT part 3

I just re-ran my CPU monitoring for a typical weekday. Not much different from last time. But I thought I'd include how I'm generating these charts.

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