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Why I like Movable Type

I use Movable Type to manage six blogs and two other websites. I like how I was able to create my own templates to publish our non-blog content. I like having a server based system. I really like how it filters out spam comments and spam trackbacks.

Over a year ago I decided to get a content management system. Up until then we had been getting by with Front Page and FTPing files to our web host. But with our main site getting bigger and bigger and ideas for new websites and blogs we had to get something new.

I think what got me to buy the commercial licence was being able to try it for free and actually taking our existing pages and rework them in Movable Type. And by that I mean literally taking one of our old HTML pages and making a MT template out of it and using MT tags to include content where needed.

Our non-blog content consists of science experiements, craft ideas, games and other activities for kids. Each page usually describes one activity, and they are organized by categories. We used MT's categories and sub-categories to organize our content, and tags for cross linking by topic. Science Kids at Home is entirely generated by MT.

I like being able to use MT from anywhere, any PC. With two of us writing content and a laptop as well, it's great that I just need a browser to be able to manage our MT setup and create new content.

Another reason I got the commercial license was because I knew that I was going to support multiple web sites with it. To do this I installed MT on one of the websites in our virtual private server. Then I set it up that MT could publish files on the other websites. Now we've got six blogs and two web sites that we can manage under one content management system on one server.

Another benefit is that MT allows system wide management. I can view a log of all MT activity, all entries, all comments, all trackbacks. It's nice to be able to check all web logs at once for spam comments (only a few a day typically make it past the comment spam filters). I have yet to see a spam trackback make it past the trackback filter.

My only complaint is I have yet to find a spell check function. However, Typepad offers spell checking so I think it will show up in MT some day soon.

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