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Movable Type 3.34 Upgrade

I just upgraded to MT 3.34 from MT3.33. A totally painless experience.

I downloaded the MT 3.34 .zip file to my PC. Unzipped it and checked it out. Then FTP'd the mt-static directory to my installation's static directory. I then FTP'd everything else to my MT install directory. I then logged in as normal to MT and that was that.

Naturally I made a backup first. Actually two backups. First the Plesk web site backup from the night before which includes the MT database. And then a MySQL backup just of the MT database after I had turned off accepting comments and trackbacks.

After the install I turned trackbacks and comments back on and posted this entry.

Now I think I'll check out the FastCGI benefits that are supposed to come with version 3.34. I'm not sure I really need a performance boost. But we do get hit with SPAM attacks from time to time. Also, I noticed when I moved my MT install from one domain to another, that I still see tons of attempts to insert spam on the old domain. From reading a little about FastCGI it looks like you rename the CGI file name extension of the scripts you want to remain resident. This might defeat some of the dumber SPAM bots out there that are using hard coded comment and trackback CGI references.

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