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Hotlink investigation

My initial research into hotlinking on our web site has produced mixed results. A lot of the hotlinking is back to our logo or banner images, so we want to keep that. But a couple of web sites are posting our text content and hotlinking our images.

I used an Access database where I loaded up a few weeks of web log data. By filtering for GETs of .jpg and .gif files that don't use referrers from our web site I can get a list of hotlinking activity. By summing by the file size and sorting I can focus the worst offenders. From a bandwidth usage point of view, none of these hotlinks was a concern.

The worst offender at 16mb was hotlinking our logo, so I can't really complain about that. In fact only two related sites seem to be problems. The others almost always link an image, but they have links to our site also. We want to keep those.

The problem sites are copying our content and hotlinking our images. I'll have to block those. I'd like to shut them down, but they are Korean. They look like some kind of community web site for Korean users. The content has been left in English, but they're obviously web sites for Korean users. And even with a Google translation it's hard to navigate the site or determine if I can get the offenders shut down.

I'm finding the Access database to be a real pain to use. I had to reload the data, I think I ran into some 2GB file limit which caused Access to produce a nonsense error message. And queries are SO SLOW. And Access has this annoying habit of taking over my PC when it runs a query. Even in the background the stupid program basically makes my PC unusable.

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