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CentOS 4.4 Installation

I finally decided to make some use out of an old 400 mHz Celeron PC that I had lying around gathering dust. I thought I'd install Linux and create a little system for analysing web logs and perhaps testing out some scripts and other programs before using them on our main server.

With only 256mb of RAM, 6GB of disk space and a 400 mHz Celeron processor I'm not sure how this will go. But I suspect it will be just fine. I used to run Windows NT on it, and I even installed an Oracle database and the Designer and Developer tools. It worked a bit slowly, but it was fine for me to do some training on.

Even with a broadband internet connection it took several hours to download the single CD server install ISO image. I then proceeded to write that to a CD. After configuring the BIOS to boot to CD I inserted the CD and the install program started. I then just followed the prompts and accepted the default options which include replacing all the existing partitions on the hard disk with Linux partitions.

So far I must say the process has been simple and straight forward. And fast. Now I had planned for that by selecting the single CD install disk. The regular CentOS distribution has 4 disks and I assumed it would be more complicated and install stuff I would never use. I'm hoping I won't have to add much once the install is complete. Well, about 30 minutes after starting the install process I've got a login prompt.

So far so good. Next I wanted to check out MySQL. Unfortunately this took longer than the Linux install. I finally figured out that I had the MySQL client software, but no MySQL server. Fortunately the CentOS FAQ had the question and answer I needed:

yum install mysql-server

That got the MySQL server installed. It took yum a few minutes to figure out what packages it needed, download them and install them. Then I started MySQL with:
service mysqld start

Now I could start the MySQL client and not have it complain that there was no database server.
Another day I'll transfer over some log data, create a database, load the data and run some queries.

I must admit that was pretty painless for an operating system install. Fortunately everything went smoothly, my hardware was autodetected and supported. It was fast and it just worked. Now I just need to figure out how to shut this baby down. Ah, poweroff appears to do the trick.

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