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Following White Caterpillars

- trying to figure out if genetics is part of what makes some caterpillars white.

White Caterpillar

raising painted lady butterfly caterpillars

Hatching Larva

the photos of butterfly larva emerging from their shell

Butterfly Eggs

watching painted lady butterflies lay eggs

Butterflies Mating

caring for butterflies and possible mating

Feeding Butterflies

how to care for butterflies for a day or two

Butterfly Fun

raising caterpillars and watching butterflies

Emerging Butterflies

photos of butterflies after they emerge.

Hatching Butterflies

the first of our butterflies have hatched.

J Caterpillar

photo of caterpillar and chrysalis


they formed chrysalis

Caterpillar poop

messy caterpillars getting ready for the chrysalis stage.

Watching Caterpillars

facinating life of a caterpillar

Butterfly Habitat

build a butterfly habitat


our butterfly larvae arrived today.

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